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Cztery Wiatry Spa & Sport Resort Regulations

1. The resort regulations were issued by Cztery Wiatry Spa & Sport Resort to provide order and ensure safety stay of Resort’s guests. This regulations establish rules of booking process and the usage of rooms in the Resort.
2. Resort Regulations shall be followed by all the individuals present on premises of Cztery Wiatry Spa & Sport Resort.
3. Making a reservation means that the guest have read and understand all Resort Regulations.
4. The rooms in the resort are rented to the guest on a “hotel night” basis. The check-in time is 15:00 and the check-out time is 11:00 on the next day. If the guest does not check out of the room before that time he may be charged an equivalent of one extra room night. The charge doesn’t guarantee that the room will be available to the guest for an extra night.
5. The guest renting the room states at the check-in the planned length of his stay. If no information is given it is assumed that the room is rented for 1 “hotel night”.
6. If guest want to extend his stay, he shall inform the Front Desk before 11:00 on the last day of his stay. Resort reserves the right to deny the extension if the room is already booked.
7. The guest cannot pass the room to other individuals even if the time the room was booked for is not yet finished.
8. The individuals not being Resort guests (not registered at the Front Office) cannot stay in Resort rooms between 22:00 to 7:00 the next day.
9. “Quiet hours” are imposed between 22:00 and 7:00 the next day
10. The breakfast is served between 8:00 to 10:00 at Resort’s restaurant. It is prohibited to take away cutlery and meals from the restaurant.
11. It is prohibited to consume guest private food and alcohol in the restaurant, terraces and places rented for companies’ events. The only exception is if it was arranged with Resort manager by the company’s representative before the event.
12. Smoking inside the whole Resort building is prohibited apart from terraces. In the event of smoking inside the Resort the guest may be charged 400 PLN fine for “desmoking” the room.
13. Because of fire prevention policies it is prohibited to use water heaters, irons or similar items in the Resort rooms.
14. The Resort reserves the right to decline check-in to the guest who during his/her last visit significantly violated Resort regulations, caused serious harm to other Resort guests and employees or seriously damaged hotel properties.
15. If the guest is severely violating Resort Regulations he may be asked by Resort employees to leave premises of Cztery Wiatry Spa & Sport Resort.
16. Resort guest holds full responsibility for all damages to Resort properties caused by him or individuals visiting him on Resort premises.
17. Early departure from the Resort for the reasons independent from the Resort management (such as illness of guest or close relatives, other random events) does not entitle the guest for the refund for non-used hotel nights and other services.
18. The payment for the whole stay is charged during the check-in. An ID is needed for a check-in. If the document raises doubts of Front Desk employee, the guest can be asked for another document (such as driving license or passport) without stating the reason. Refusal of payment entitles the Resort to decline guest the check-in.
19. Resort guest is obliged to pay extra charge in the event of losing room’s key or keycard.
20. The cleaning of Resort rooms is conducted every second day of guest’s stay. The rooms are cleaned between 8:00-14:00 when the guests’ are not in the room.
21. Resort is not responsible for any damages or theft of guest’s car or other vehicles. The guest acknowledges that the Resort’s parking is not a guarded parking.
22. The guest can, for an extra guest, keep animals in the room during his stay. Some dog breeds, universally considered dangerous, may not be accepted. An intention of bringing an animal must be communicated to the Resort during the reservation process.
23. There is a limited number of rooms for guests with animals.
24. The dog must always be kept on a leash. The guest is responsible for cleaning all impurities left by the animals. It is forbidden to bring animals to common areas in the Resort such as restaurant, club, swimming pool, saunas.
25. The animal owner is responsible for all the damages done by it.
26. All disputes, that will be needed to be solved by the court, will take place in District Court in Kielce.
27. Cztery Wiatry Spa & Sport Resort is registered as FH Jezierski, Kortynica 88, 28-225 Szydłow with NIP 657-007-80-77.
28. Making a prepayment is a conformation of the reservation. In case of canceling the reservation the prepayment is not refunded.
29. Complains must be given in writing to the Reception before check-out to prevent them being invalid.
30. The bank and credit card transactions of the hotel’s website are conducted by Dotpay.pl

We wish you a pleasant stay.
Resort’s Management Team